1. About Brief
  • COPPER DECORATION was founded in 1960 by Ziya NAVD.
    Copper fireside-hood is the first manufacturer.
    Uses of copper continued to serve in the coming years with expanded range of subjects at DECORATION Copper Copper Roofing, Stream, it has been the leading organization in işleriyle gutter.
About Us & History

Copper Processing Art

Coppersmith copper is the art of making goods. Is a manufacturer was decreased as household items are made in the form of ornaments. Kazan, test, basin, bowl, pots, pans, field, bowls and barbecue, pitchers, trays, jardiniere products are made with forging and stamping technology. Sıvamacılık is done in the plastering machine. Containers shapes and motifs in relief processing method is applied. Chisels and blow pen is used in this process. (Erşahin, 48) in traditional crafts are still ongoing in many parts of Anatolia copper engraving … (Wikipedia)

Since 1960

Born in 1939 ARTVİN-Arhavi Ziya NAVDAR in 1959 Coppersmith Bazaar Beyazit ‘in establishing the first workshop.

Handwork All Products

All of our products are produced with manual labor. We are one of a handful who lived in the Copper Processing art workshop.

Leading Company

Our founder Ziya NAVDAR copper fireside-hood is the first manufacturer. Copper Roofing, Stream, work with Groove ‘has been the pioneering company.

Not ordinary products, we are producing a work of art!

Our opposite hand, we give the light of our eyes completely made by hand, each of the products which we produce works of art. We cherish this art on the verge of extinction.


For years, a very large company, we serve many famous person, we present our art. We see as our reference customers a lot more than others.

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